Paolo Bua

Yacht designer graduated at University of Genoa in 2004, sailor since his young age, always looking for efficiency on the water.

Specialist in drawing fast and elegant sailboats, he has been awarded multiple times for the design and the performance of his boats at boatshows in La Rochelle, Paris and Santa Margherita. In Italy, his boats won 11 times in a row the Barcolana in his category, in France he worked with Chantier des Ileaux, Multiplast and Grand Largue Composites to produce one-offs who never leave indifferent.

He designs Roots Fittings products, combining aesthetics, tech and functionality.

César Hardelay

Naval Architect and Engineer

A sailor from an early age, he was barely a year old when he crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise ship with his parents. Since then, the sea has never ceased to accompany him in both his professional and personal projects. 
He discovered competition in the SBYC in the West Indies, before moving to France to continue his studies, where he joined the YCST in south-east France. 
His sporting career taught him rigor and perseverance, and in 2012 he was a runner-up in the French U23 championship, and had also been selected for the French youth team the same year.

After graduating in Yacht and Power Craft Design from Solent University, he continued his studies and obtained a double degree in Architecture & Naval Engineering from ENSTA Bretagne in 2016, where he was awarded the NDAR prize. 
Upon completing University, he joined Phantom International, where he directed the R&D department. There, he developed the IRIS R foil that won 2 awards during the PWA tour. In 2019, he joined VPLP design as naval architect project manager, working on Roland Jourdain's We explore, the Bénéteau group's Excess 14 projects, among others. Today, he leads R&D and marketing at Root Fittings.

César is committed to environmental protection, and is keen to work on innovative and eco-responsible projects in this constantly evolving sector.

A true enthusiast, always on the lookout for innovation.


Jean Richard Minardi

Living close to the water has always been a necessity. Swimming, snorkelling, diving, then came all the board sports in 1985 Windsurfing and sport catamaran, surfing and then in early 2000 kite surfing.

After graduating from the Geneva Business School in 1992, I began a career with some of Geneva's leading multinationals. After working in a number of administrative areas, H2O Sensations was born with one objective in mind: to enable amateurs and professionals of light sailing (catamarans and dinghies) to find everything they need for their sport!

During an evening with friends, a proposal to create products that were either missing or had become difficult to obtain, prompted him to ask himself a few questions, including the optimisation and development of products for water sports!

In the midst of developing a new sports catamaran project, Paolo and César were approached to combine our different skills and join forces to think about it, prototype it, test it and then, depending on the results, put it into production and offer it to sailing enthusiasts.

Logically, the management and administration part was assigned to Jr!